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Buying a custom mountain bike is not only about getting the right fit and size, but maybe more about getting a bike with the right spirit. The geometry of mountain bikes are constantly evolving as new parts are introduced. Longer forks, different wheel sizes and new drive trains all have to work together to optimize the purpose. But also the techical skills of todays riders have evolved dramatically, and have had an effect on the design of the bike. At ari cycles we don't follow a "religion" or school of design, but look at each riders level, fit and experience. A great riding bike for one rider might not be a great riding bike for another. Through years of riding, testing, building, feeling and listening we have gathered a lot of experience that enables us to determine the best solution for the individual rider.

We offer mountain bikes in both cromoly and titanium. 


Cromoly is a relatively economic choice and a very reliable frame material. It is also the most common tube material for custom frame builders so there are many options for customization. A quality steel frame has become the reference for all high end bicycle frames and has cult status among avid and experienced riders. A steel hardtail 29er has the perfect balalance between a forgiving and lively ride.


Titanium is the ultimate material for bicycles. Period! It is light, strong, impact resiliant, non corrosive, long lasting, and has that magic "carpet" feel. The titanium tubes we use for bicycles are the most costly and difficult to manufacture. That explains the high price tag. Titanium bikes can't be made cheap! So when it comes down to craftmanship, strength/weight and longevity there is no way around titanium!


Base price for a cromoly frame is US$ 2000 (ex VAT) - mountain cromoly fit form

Base price for a titanium frame is US$ 3200 (ex VAT) - mountain titanium fit form


For further prices click on link to fit forms above


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