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Every bike that is being build by ari cycles is a unique project. We don't categorize the bikes into models, names or numbers, but rather view the bike as a personal creation made for each individual. Thus every bike starts out as a blank page. This process might be of a more time consuming nature, but we feel that it gives us a real edge over the generic mass produced bikes. It gives us the freedom to look at the rider, his needs, his habits and customize his ride into the smallest detail. We feel that it is the small detail that make the big difference.


A lot can be said about the material that is being used in bicycle frames. There is no end to opinions and hype regarding this subject. Every material has it’s advantages and disadvantages. In the end it comes down to the skills of the builder, what it is being used for and cost of the frame. 


ari cycles has chosen to offer frames in cromoly and titanium. High quality bicycle tubing in steel is by far the material that is easiest available for an independent frame builder. There is a big variety of available profiles and dimensions, which gives the possibility to fine tune the “feel” of the frame. Steel is very durable and has a long life (if rust is kept away). Steel frames has some great absorbing qualities due to the elastic modulus of the material. It is relatively cheap, and easy to manufacture. A modern steel frame can be made very light, close to that of an aluminum frame, but much more durable. At ari cycles the frames are made with only the highest quality bicycle dedicated steel tubes from Columbus, Reynolds, Dedacciai and True Temper. 


Titanium tubing has an almost mythical status as the ultimate material for bicycle frames. It is lighter or less dense than steel, but much stronger than aluminum. It has a very high fatigue life and can take extreme punishment for years. Titanium also has an amazing way of absorbing small vibrations, which makes it very comfortable. The backside of titanium is it’s difficulty to manufacture and weld. The welding procedures are critical and very demanding and the cost of tubing is twice that of steel. The feel of steel and titanium is quite similar, but titanium has a weight advantage of approximately 20% over steel, and yet it is less dent prone. The titanium tubing used at ari cycles are sourced from USA and are all grade 9 or 3/2.5 seamless cold worked stress relieved. 



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