Ari Rosenzweig


Ari has vigorously been building frames and forks since 2006 when he graduated as a frame builder from United Bicycle Institute in Oregon, USA. Actually, Ari has a very different background: before he started building bicycles he had a career as a dancer in some of the leading contemporary dance companies in Sweden, Denmark and Israel - among them Bat Sheva Dance Company.  In 2006 Ari decided to pursue a childhood dream of building bicycle frames. You might wonder how such a drastic career change took place, but Ari actually grew up with a father who worked in the metal industry and had a factory making diamond cutting tools. As Ari says: “Well, I grew up with the smell of steel....”. Ari has been an avid cyclist since childhood. His brother is the owner of one of the most legendary bicycle shops in Denmark - Benben cykler